Senior Software Engineer

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Every single company has a different perspective with this Senior title. Some companies only look by years of experience. Maybe the engineer is the longest servant member in the team. It’s all depends on the company.

The main job of each engineer is to ship the project as planned on the timeline. But usually, we could recognize who is the Junior or Senior based on code quality that they’ve provided. As simple as naming a variable, using camelCase or Sentence case. Do commenting in the function also make the difference.

Software engineers not only work with their peers of engineers. But work with other teams, like Quality Assurance, Product Manager, Product Designer, DevOps, etc. The quality of collaboration skills really matters to make sure we could ship the project fast and smoothly. When there are some issues with one of the other teams, the project will be delayed. That is not a good thing in a team. Also, when the software engineer discusses the ideas to solve some problems, they will provide a solution with design architecture and some design patterns. Not limited to logic code only.

In the end, a Senior Software Engineer will be giving a huge impact on the organization.

How to Identify
There is some basic requirement to be a Senior Software Engineer

Stay Senior
Keep learning. Stay hungry, stay foolish.



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