Keep Learning as an Engineering Manager

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I want to share my experience as a technology leader (Tech Lead / Engineering Manager) to stay updated with the issues in the technology area or the newest technology used in software engineering.

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I always start my day by reading a lot of emails. From the task list, meeting agenda, and also newsletter. One of my favorite newsletters comes from Gergely Orosz of He offers paid newsletters for $15 per month, $150 per year, and also free ones. Currently, I have no budget for this, so I choose a free one.

My other favorite newsletter is , because the writer comes from big tech companies. So we can learn something from them directly. It’s free.

Here is a list of my subscription to the newsletters:

  2. StackOverflow
  3. ChangeLog

Follow Engineering Blog of Tech Companies

This is another best practice to learn something from big tech companies, read from them directly.

Here is a list of my following:


Join Sharing Session

I join a group on Discord like Insinyur Online by Giovanni Sakti and Iqbal Farabi of Gojek, and also the Slack Channel of LeadDev.

Another simple way is to subscribe YouTube channel like Eko Kurniawan Khannedy did at Programmer Zaman Now.

Create an MVP Product with New Tech

This is my weekly task, even not until work on the production server.

Thank you for reading this. Ciao!



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