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Define the architecture and design principles to guide technology decisions for the enterprise.

Analyze technology and industry trends and keep current with the latest trends.

Ensure compliance with the architecture.

Have exposure to multiple and diverse technologies, platforms, and environments.

Have a certain level of business domain expertise.

Possess exceptional interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation, and negotiation.

Understand the political climate of the enterprise and be able to navigate the politics.

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There are a few styles for code reviewing, like just take a look around the code. Maybe something missing character or the naming variable does not fit our organization code standard such as using camelCase or Sentence case, or maybe to use CAPITALIZE string for constant.

But sometimes or perhaps it should happen when you do some code reviewing, do checkout branch to your local machine. To check the process on the Pull Request issue.

In this case, I use 3 level branches: upstream, origin, and local. Which is a pull request that happens on the upstream level.